Flexible Display Smartwatch-A Wearable Smartphone With A Flexible Display

$39.98 $89.99

Introducing Flexible SamartWatch, a smartwatch unlike anything you’ve seen before. Built with premium materials, packed with smart features and crafted with futuristic design elements, the Watch reshapes your personal wearable experience.

Designed with an unprecedented 4.01” AMOLED ultra-large display, 2020 New Flexible SmartWatch gives you a stunning visual experience and more information with less scrolling. 

Enjoy high-quality, color-rich visibility with 960*192 resolution. Simply view all data at a glance.

The adjustable, one-size-fits-all, flexible curved screen rests on your wrist comfortably. Whether you are pushing for that extra mile on your morning run or replying to those piled-up emails on a Monday morning, it’s made to fit your wrist perfectly.

2020 New Flexible SmartWatch provides different stylish watch themes to fit your daily demands. Choose a sporty theme to display your steps and calories burned during workouts or switch to colorful clock themes for a sleek and futuristic style to match your outfit of the day.  

You can customize your watch style with hundreds of downloadable widget designs from the App Store app. 

Create dynamic scrolling text with different animation effects to make a personal statement. Choose a stunning live wallpaper to rise above the ordinary and stand out from the crowd.

Visualize your inspiration and express yourself freely. Upload your favorite picture or a family photo to generate a panorama wallpaper. 

Your health is our priority. With its high-precision HR sensor, This Flexible SmartWatch never stops caring about your heart. It gives you valuable heart-healthy information. It continuously tracks your real-time heart rate zones, so you know your heart better to plan for the next move, the next run, or the next workout session.

It tracks and records your health data and provides valuable insights to help you smash fitness goals.

Choose from 4 sports modes to monitor your workout metrics and boost your sports performance.

Get more done with this Flexible Watch. Take incoming calls, texts, email, Facebook, What's app, and line notifications. Make a phone call via Bluetooth when you want to go hands-free.  Set the calendar to remind yourself of important dates and events. With up to 7-days of battery life, the Watch keeps you seamlessly connected to your daily life.

You can share your favorite songs. Enjoy your favorite songs via the Bluetooth connection while you're working out or jogging.

So durable and scratch-resistant so you can wear it around the clock. The ultra-large display with polished glass embraces an elevated aesthetic, making the watch sleek and futuristic. To add a colorful touch to your style pair it with a skin-friendly silicone wristband.

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